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We provide a comprehensive range of specialised and targeted accounting services and advice to our professional clients.

Finance & Lending


Borg & Salce Accountants can advise on alternative methods of funding property, plant and equipment, including for appropriate assets, an analysis between outright purchase, lease, hire purchase and contract hire.

We are also able to examine the amount and sources of funds currently being used by a business compared with its current and future funding requirements and provide detailed advice on the best strategy for your circumstances.

We also assist clients and primary producers with mortgage lending, personal loans and personal insurance.

Our finance & lending solutions include:

Mortgage lending - All aspects of mortgage and personal loan lending from a range of banks and lending institutions.

Property funding - We provide individual and partnership tax services for investors, rental property investors and capital gains.

Plant & Hire funding - Advise regarding what will be best for you and assist through the process as well as providing leasing for plant and equipment, motor vehicles, etc.

Please contact us for further information regarding our finance and lending services, or to book a consultation.

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